What if I can’t remember all my creditors?

On August 22, 2011, in Riverside Bankruptcy Attorney, by Benjamin Yrungaray

I recommend that all my clients run a three-bureau credit report before filing bankruptcy in Riverside California.  This helps ensure that all creditors are listed as well as collection agencies.   It is important that all of your creditors are listed on your bankruptcy petition and schedules.  You are legally obligated to list ALL creditors, not just those you are most concerned with.  If you decide to reaffirm a debt or wish to pay back certain creditors, you may voluntarily choose to do that during or after the bankruptcy.  However, the creditor must still be listed.  Clients are often concerned that if they list creditors their accounts will be closed.  In many cases, a bankruptcy account will be closed regardless of whether the debt was listed.  If you forget a creditor or the creditor does not show up on a credit report, you may amend your bankruptcy schedules to reflect the forgotten creditor.  Even though it may be difficult to locate and add all your creditors, it is important to include as many as possible.


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