Can you re-negotiate the percentage rate on my car/home in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

Clients are interested to know whether they can renegotiate the percentage rate of their car or home in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.  Under the bankruptcy code, a Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a liquidation bankruptcy and is not designed to renegotiate terms of secured debt such as a car or home.  However, lenders are willing to voluntarily negotiate the terms of these loans in order to avoid taking a loss on the property and to entice debtors in signing a reaffirmation agreement.  Our firm works closely with lenders and debtors to find the best possible solution on these items.  For many clients, we are able to find a solution that results in lower payments, lower balances, or allows for skipped payments.  If you have a home in Riverside and want to reduce your interest rate or

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