Bankruptcy has the power to stop foreclosure so that you can hold on to your most valuable asset. The automatic stay immediately stops any foreclosure action and can provide additional time to negotiate a loan modification or come current on the loan through Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Don’t wait until the last minute when it may be too late to save your home.

Many creditors will make repeated calls in attempting to collect debt. For many struggling with debt, these constant reminders cause unnecessary stress and anxiety. Our firm can stop the phone calls and permanently get rid of the debt so that you can enjoy a fresh start.  Even if you decide bankruptcy is not the right choice for you, we can help you stop creditor harassment under the UDCPA.

The last thing you need when struggling with debt is a wage garnishment. When you are already struggling to make ends meat, wage garnishments result in a serious reduction in salary and can lead to financial ruin.  Bankruptcy can stop existing wage garnishments and in some cases we may be able to recover previously garnished wages through bankruptcy.

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A lawsuit is the first step a creditor needs in order to garnish wages, place a lien on your assets, or freeze your accounts. Rather than deal with the stress and deadlines of a lawsuit, bankruptcy can stop lawsuits before they become judgments.

If you have financed your car, you may be stressed over a potential repossession of your vehicle. Further, if you car is repossessed, you may be liable for any deficiency when the car is sold again. Bankruptcy will stop repossession of your car and we may be able to reduce or re-negotiate the car loan to better terms .

Bankruptcy gives you a chance to start over. It can stop wage garnishments, creditor calls, foreclosures, and repossessions. Get started today to stop creditors and get a fresh start.

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