Los Angeles Sues Banks over Foreclosure Blight

On May 5, 2011, in Bankruptcy, by Benjamin Yrungaray

The Wall Street Journal reported today that the city of Los Angeles is suing Deutsche Bank for its failure to maintain homes taken back from homeowners through foreclosure as well as illegally evicting tenants who were legally renting the spaces. Deutsche Bank has responded by saying they are only the trustees of the properties and the bank servicers are responsible for care and maintenance of the properties at issue.

Unfortunately, this type of behavior by a bank is not uncommon. At De Novo Law Firm, we have successfully represented clients who have been illegally threatened with eviction and have seen the state of disrepair many banks let foreclosed homes fall into. If you or someone you know is threatened with foreclosure or has been given the option to rent back a property from a bank, call our office to go over your options.

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