OCWEN is the leader in servicing high-risk home loans.  De Novo Law Firm has successfully modified numerous Southern California home loans in areas such as San Bernardino, Ontario, Rancho Cucamonga, Riverside and Menifee.  We recently obtained a loan modification for a client who was significantly behind in payments with no means to catch up their back payments.  Our client was given a substantial interest rate reduction reducing their loan payment and making them current on their loan.

Client: S. S. in Riverside CA


Monthly Payment: $2,560.00

Interest Rate: 7.5%


Payment: $2,150.

New Interest Rate: 2% initial rate

Percent Savings: 16% monthly savings

This loan modification obtained by De Novo Law Firm was able to give our client a fresh new start and also reduced the homeowners’ monthly payment by $410.00 a month.  If you are behind on payments or afraid of losing your home due to an adjustable rate loan, contact the attorneys at De Novo Law Firm today.


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