A recent article in the LA times finds that personal bankruptcies in 2011 decreased from 2010.  In 2011, 1.35 million Americans filed for bankruptcy protection.  That is down from nearly 1.5 million Americans who filed bankruptcy is 2010.  What is more alarming is the number of individuals who have filed bankruptcy in Riverside and San Bernardino counties.  In those counties, 1 out of every 120 people filed bankruptcy in 2011.  That is significantly higher than the national average where 1 out of every 175 Americans filed for bankruptcy.

The article goes on to detail how bankruptcy filings at the end of 2011 may foreshadow increased filings in 2012.  In my own practice, I continue to see an interest in bankruptcy.  Among those clients who have been considering bankruptcy for some time, many have begun to show interest and are starting to take the steps to give themselves a new start.  While bankruptcy is never an easy decision, De Novo Law Firm offers free consultations to determine the best options for each client.  Call us today at (877) 346-7411 for more information on your options.


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