While we at the De Novo Law Firm would love to represent you should you decide to file bankruptcy, there are a few guidelines you should follow when deciding to hire a law firm.  While I title this for bankruptcy, these guidelines hold true for hiring an attorney in almost any matter.

1. Speak Directly with the Attorney: While you may work closely with a paralegal or assistant to gain some information, you should expect to speak directly with the attorney handling your case and the attorney should be willing to answer questions you have about your bankruptcy.

2. Ask about Experience: Be sure the attorney is familar with bankruptcy procedures in your judicial district and can handle your case professionally.

3. Review the Attorney’s Bar Information: Check the state bar’s website to make sure that there are no disciplinary actions against the attorney and that the attorney is a member in good standing with the bar.

4. Check the Better Business Bureau:  While the state bar may show no disciplinary actions, a BBB profile may reveal how an attorney actually handles clients and deals with difficult situations.

5. Ask for a Written Quote for Services: Nearly all attorneys will provide you with a contract for services but it may not be clear what the total cost of the service will be to you.  Request a total quote for services and ask the attorney to explain what each charge is for.  If the expense does not make sense, ask for further clarification.

Filing bankruptcy is never an easy decision.  By following the steps above, you will ensure that you have hired the best legal counsel for your situation and will be able to focus on the decisions that lie ahead.


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