The majority of my clients live in Riverside and San Bernardino County.  Occasionally my clients refer me to people who live outside those area and I am happy to help those clients.  If you like what you read and are considering modifying your loan with Chase, contact us today at (951) 801-5570.

I recently obtained a modification for a client who lives in Lake Forest in Orange County, California.   I have already posted about a principal reduction modification with Chase that we obtained for a client.  However, I realize I have not posted an interest-rate reduction.  For this client, we were able to save her a significant amount of money and keep her in her home.

Client: P.M. in Lake Forest, California

Chase Home Loan:
Principal and Interest Payment Before Modification: $980
Monthly Taxes and Insurance before modification: $100

Total Monthly Payment: $1,080

JP Morgan Chase Bank Loan Modification:

Chase Modified Payment including taxes and insurance: $662

Total Monthly Savings under Chase Modification: $418

Monthly Percent Savings: 38%

While the relative amount of payments involved are not as high as some of the results we have achieved for clients. this modification represents a significant percentage of savings.  Under the terms of the Chase loan remod, the client will be saving nearly 40% each month.

If you have a Chase loan and are considering whether a modification is a realistic option for you, contact our office today at (951) 801-5570.  We can do a free analysis over the phone and give you an idea of what type of reduction our office could obtain for you.


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