The California loan modification attorneys at De Novo Law Firm recently obtained a modification with Seterus. Seterus is a loan-servicer who has inherited numerous loans from Bank of America, Chase, and other large loan servicers. De Novo Law Firm has been able to negotiate loan modifications for our clients including the Seterus Loan Modification in Menifee below.

Client J.H. with a property in Menifee, California

Original Loan:

Mortgage Payment: $875 (not including taxes and insurance of $163)

Interest Rate: 7.125%

Seterus Loan Modification:

Mortgage Payment: Principal, Interest, Taxes, and Insurance payment of $565.

Modified Interest Rate: 4%

Monthly Savings: $473

Percentage Savings: 43%

Through a loan modification, De Novo Law Firm was able to save our client more than 43%.  This represents a huge savings for our client who lives on a fixed income.  If you or someone you know is looking to modify their loan, contact the attorneys at De Novo Law Firm at (951) 801-5570.


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