Green Tree Loan Modification

De Novo Law Firm recently obtained a loan modification with Green Tree.  When De Novo first started the loan modification process, the loan was serviced by Bank of America.  However, soon after starting, the loan was transferred to Greentree for servicing.  Without problem, De Novo continued the loan modification process and was able to obtain a successful result for our client.  For a FREE CONSULTATION with a qualified attorney, contact De Novo Law Firm at (951) 801-5570.  Read below for the Greentree remod.

Green Tree Loan Modification Results:

Principal Balance: $254,327

Mortgage Payments before Modification: $1,912.54

Greentree Loan Modification Details:

Mortgage Payments After Modification: $1,250

Monthly Mortgage Savings: $662 (35% savings)

Our office was able to save our client 35% monthly over her previous payment.  As a result of the modified payment, our client can now afford to stay in the home with her current income.  If you or someone you know is considering a loan modification, call our office today at (951) 801-5570.  Read more about loan modifications with Greentree and other lenders on our loan modification page.


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