The Press-Enterprise reports that the recent US Census reveals that San Bernardino is now the second poorest large US city in the entire country. On average, household income in San Bernardino is now lower than every city except Detroit.

While the revelation that San Bernardino is among the nation’s poorest is startling, it is not surprising considering the overall downturn in the economy in the inland empire. Further, San Bernardino acts as a safe haven for those in southern California who cannot afford the higher rents of neighboring counties. My experience has been that most in San Bernardino struggle to find decent jobs and are often forced to work multiple low-wage jobs.

In order to remedy the poverty, there is much to be done. Jobs must be created, real estate must recover, education must improve, and new opportunities must be generated in the city. Without these improvements, San Bernardino may continue to stay among the poorest cities and create a cycle of poverty that may be impossible to break.

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