Riverside Loan Modification Attorney – Seterus Loan Modification

The California loan modification attorneys at De Novo Law Firm recently obtained a modification with Seterus. Seterus is a loan-servicer who has inherited numerous loans from Bank of America, Chase, and other large loan servicers. De Novo Law Firm has been able to negotiate loan modifications for our clients including the Seterus Loan Modification in […]

Riverside Loan Modification Attorney – Will $26 Billion Settlement Help Homeowners?

Will the $26 billion dollar settlement help homeowners?  The short answer -Probably Not. I have had numerous clients ask me about the highly touted settlement involving the attorney generals and the major banks.  Understandably, $26 billion sounds like it could potentially help a lot of people who want to stay in their home.  However, a […]

Loan Mod

On January 21, 2011, in , by Benjamin Yrungaray

Loan Modification Through a loan modification, De Novo Law Firm can negotiate lower monthly payments, reduce principal balance, and extend loan terms to help keep you in your home.  Stop making mortgage payments you can no longer afford. Contact us today at (951) 801-5570 for a free consultation and review to see if you qualify. […]

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