Riverside Loan Modification Attorney – Home Buyer Sentiment At Record Low

In a study that should surprise no one, sentiment among homeowners to sell their homes is at a record low.  Among the general public, only 7% believe it is a good time to sell your home.  During the time period of 1992 through 2005, 40-60% of homesellers believed it was a good time to sell […]

Baneficios del Capítulo 7

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Hay varios ventajas en una Bancarrota Capítulo 7 Tras la presentación de su bancarrota al Tribunal, el Estado Automatico hace lo siguiente: · Elimina la deuda: La Bancarrota Capítulo 7 le permite eliminar su deuda de trarjetas de credito, cuentas médicas, y préstamos. · Mantenga sus bienes: La Bancarrota Capítulo 7 le permite mantener sus […]

Riverside Attorneys

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Riverside and San Bernardino Attorneys At De Novo Law Firm, we shave recovered millions for clients.  We have also saved clients millions in dollars through bankruptcy, loan modification, and foreclosure litigation.  We offer free consultations with licensed Riverside bankruptcy attorneys.  At each consultation, we go over our clients total options.  By explaining all your options, […]